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Become a blogger in 5 easy steps.

Choose your blog name and receive your blog hosting.

Start your blog by adding WordPress.

Add two great blog plugins to find your readers and track statistics.

Write engaging content to create a blog that your readers will love.

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This is the first way to quickly start a blog guide. 

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How the minimalists started their blog


How we started this blog

Do you want to create something meaningful? Why not create a blog? Why not become a blogger? Making this blog is one of the best decisions Ryan and I have made. After all, our blog is how we live. More importantly, how we add value to the lives of others.

So you're considering starting a blog, but you have no idea where to start, right? Guess what, we do not either! Before we became the "Minimalists", we wanted to start a blog to express our thoughts and feelings, but we were overwhelmed by the possibilities.

No idea, confused and confused with the possibilities, we had no idea how to start a blog or how to become a blogger. When should we start? How do we register a domain name? What is hosting? Which blog platform should we use? How do we choose a blog topic? What is a plugin? What should we write about?

But good news: It turns out that starting a blog is a lot easier than you think. We have learned lots of lessons in our rise to millions of readers, and now you can learn from our pain and suffering to avoid much of the boredom that comes with blogging.

Publication: The Minimalists blog hosts Bluehost. For $ 2.75 pr. Month, Bluehost can help you create and host your blog. As The Minimalists is an affiliate of Bluehost (that is, we earn some revenue at no extra cost to you when you shop through our links), our readers can use this link to get a 50% discount on the monthly prize and a domain for the first year.

How to become a blogger: Video tutorial

If you'd rather see our blogging process, we've created a step-by-step tutorial video on how to become a successful blogger today showing the whole task of starting a blog. Otherwise, continue reading.

Start a successful blog in 4 steps

  • Choose your blog name and receive your blog hosting.
  • Start your blog by adding WordPress.
  • Add two great blog plugins to find your readers and track statistics.
  • Write engaging content to create a blog that your readers will love.

While there are other blogging platforms such as and, almost all serious bloggers use a self-hosted WordPress site for its creative freedom and flexibility.


Minimalists use WordPress because it gives us more control over the look of our blog, more creative control than any other platform. Oh, and WordPress itself is free!


How to start a blog in 2021 

These are the exact steps we took in creating this site. By following these five steps, you will learn how to create a blog in less than an hour.


STEP 1 Choose your blog name and receive your blog hosting

The first thing we did when we started our blog was go to Bluehost and register our domain which is free with hosting. We explain hosting like that, but let's talk about your domain name first.


Quick Start Blogging - Step 1

In this first step, you choose your blog name (domain name) and purchase your blog hosting.

Select the floor plan.

Select your domain name and enter it in the New Domain field.

Create your Bluehost account.

Choose your domain name

Your domain name is an important part of your blog because it gives a first impression: it is the name of your blog. Also known as your URL, your domain is also your Internet address.

We use Bluehost. We personally use Bluehost to host minimalists. If you are recommending a company, you are more willing to use their product yourself. Excellent customer service. Bluehost's customer service is 100% American. With an average team time of less than 30 seconds and 100% staffing on site in your Texas offices, you can be sure that the person helping your site is helping. In other words, if you have any questions, they will guide you through the entire installation process.

Good price. To be fair, we still use Bluehost even though we weren't connected, we've been using them for a long time. In short, we do not recommend Bluehost just because we are affiliated (all hosting companies offer a similar affiliate program); We recommend Bluehost as it is the best and most reliable solution.

Free domain. When you sign up for a host, Bluehost gives you a free domain name, which helps you avoid the upfront and recurring costs associated with purchasing a domain on your own. If you've already purchased your own domain name, don't worry; you can still use your domain with Bluehost (this is just an extra step).

Reliability. Bluehost's facilities are world class. They have their own 20,000 square foot custom data center with enough backup generators to run a city.

Family friends.Now that you are ready to get started, go to Bluehost and click the Start Now button.

Then choose your hosting plan.

You will find that the prices range from $ 3 to $ 6 per person. Month, depending on whether you want a simple and straightforward blog hosting plan or a more robust plan that allows you to create multiple blogs.


Note: As an affiliate partner, Bluehost offers a special price to The Minimalists readers: just $ 2.75 per month for the first year. That is a significant discount.

After selecting your plan, select or enter your domain name.

If you don't have a domain name, just enter your desired blog name in the New domain field.


If you already have a domain name, just enter it in the I have a domain name field.


Click Next. 

Finally, create your blog account.

This is how you almost became a blogger!

Start a blog

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How to start a blog ebook

Time under pressure? Find out how we started our successful blog with the help of this free ebook.


Email address *

your e-mail

Then install WordPress, which is free. However, don't be put off by the word "install." It is much easier than it sounds and Bluehost does all the work for you.


Blogging Quick Start - Step 2

Then install WordPress.


Click the Login button.

Click Skip this step on the Select a theme screen.

WordPress is already installed, click Start Building to go to your dashboard.

To get started, click Sign in.

Bluehost offers several blog layout options, but just scroll down and click Skip this step (you'll see why in a moment).

WordPress is already installed. Just click Start Building to go to your new blog dashboard and proceed to Step 3.

STEP 3 Choose a simple theme to personalize your blog

With a theme, you can choose a layout for your blog without the need for coding or design skills. In other words, a great theme will help you design your blog the way you want. If you are not a coder (I am definitely not a coder) then a theme will make designing a million times easier.

Then select and install your blog WordPress theme.

Go to BYLT.

Buy the theme that suits your style (we use the tru theme).

Download your theme .zip file and save it to your desktop.

Go back to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance> Themes.

Click Upload and then Upload Theme.

Click Select File, select your .zip file for the theme, and click.

Then click the Upload Theme button followed by the Select File button.


Locate the .zip file you downloaded from your BYLT dashboard (this is your theme file) and click Install Now to install your new simple blog layout.


Step 3: Install the blog theme


Finally, click Activate and your blog theme will be installed.


STEP 4 Add two great blog plugins to find your readers and track statistics

Plugins are third-party stubs that add extra functionality to your blog.


Quick Start Blog - Step 4

In the final installation step, you install two plugins that enhance the functionality of your blog.


Go to your WordPress dashboard for Plugins> Add New.

Search for Yoast SEO. Click Install Now, followed by Activate.

Click the Add New button to add another plugin.

Find MonsterInsights and click Install Now followed by Activate.

Click the Start Wizard. to configure MonsterInsights.

It is best to keep the number of blog plugins to a minimum and install only the best ones as too many plugins as well as unreliable plugins can slow down your site. We use very few plugins in The Minimalists.


In this section you install and activate the following free plugins:


Yoast SEO is the de facto standard SEO plugin for WordPress. Read Yoast's ultimate guide to SEO for details and everything you will ever know about WordPress SEO.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics for WordPress allows you to easily track your blog traffic and with lots of interesting data: aggregate traffic, traffic sources, views by author and category, automatic outbound click tracking and page views.

Go to your WordPress dashboard for Plugins> Add New.


Search for Yoast SEO.


Then click Install Now followed by Enable and your blog will immediately get an enhanced SEO.

Then search for MonsterInsights.

Then click Install Now followed by Activate.

Then click on the Start Wizard. and follow the steps to complete the installation of MonsterInsights.

Finally, so that people can receive our blog posts via email, we've created a free Feedburner account. (By the way, if you have not yet signed up for the Minimalists blog via email, you can do so here.


STEP 5 Write engaging content to create a blog that your readers will love

Congratulations! You started a blog and now it's time to start writing. This is where the fun begins.


Now that you have your own blog, you can make it your own; you can make your vision a reality.


Contents. Start writing and publishing the content of your master pages: Create an information page, a contact page, a home page and any other page you want in the title of your new blog.

Photo. Include a photo of yourself (pro tip: you can start with an illuminated selfie, but if you get the chance, take some professional photos - it's worth the price, as people identify with other people more than logos).

Logo. Create a basic logo with a program like InDesign, Photoshop, or a text editor (Note: Although we have no design skills, we could use the Apple Pages app to create our simple logo after downloading a free vector image and selecting the type of letter that best suited to our aesthetics).

Comments. Decide if you want comments on your blog or not; They are often a convenient way to get feedback and communicate directly with your readers.

Social. Have a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three).

To post. Start writing new blog posts. Submit at least once a week, especially if you're starting a blog so you can build an audience. Below you will also find 20 blog tips for improving your writing skills in the section How to blog, as well as 15 reasons why you should start a blog and 3 reasons why not start a blog.

We hope you enjoy expressing yourself on your new blog. We are sure that it will be a great growth experience for you in the coming months. You have now officially become a blogger. Wherever you go, make sure you enjoy the ride.


Determine your ideal readers. Once you find your niche, you need to know who is reading your blog. So our ideal readers are people interested in exploring minimalism to pave the way to more meaningful lives.

If you want to write about your newborn's growth, that's great - your ideal readers are probably friends and family. If you want to write about classic car restoration, that's fine too. Tailor your writing to your readers (be it your family or your local community or the other person reading your blog).


Add value. Your blog must add value to the lives of readers. You want to help people solve problems. This is the only way you can get (and stop) quality readers on your site.

Adding value is the only way to gain long-term acceptance from others. We both learned this after a decade of leading and leading people in the corporate world. With everything you write, it's worth asking yourself: does this add value?


Be original. Yes, there are other blogs on the same that you want to write about. Question: So why is your blog different? Answer: yours.

To be interesting. Write interesting blog posts.

It is still you. However, the most important part of storytelling is removing the superfluous details that make the story uninteresting. A great storyteller removes 99% of what is really happening, the absorbing details, and leaves the interesting 1% to the reader.

Be honest. I mean, does it really contain the things you write about? If not, people will see it.

Perhaps bloggers should create the blog they want to write to the world.

Transparency. Being transparent is different from being honest. You don't have to share every detail of your life to be honest.

Always be honest and transparent when adding value to what you write. (Since everything we write has to earn more, you will never see photos of us using the bathroom, it is simply irrelevant.)


Hour. Once you learn how to blog, you will learn that blogging takes a long time, especially if you are as neurotic as we are.

That said, don't tweak your layout too much once you've set it up. Instead, divert your thinking to the good things in life, like writing.


Vision. The reason our website design looks good is because we have a great host, we have a great theme, and most importantly, we had a vision of how we wanted our blog to look.

(Note: none of us had design experience before starting a blog.) Creating a beautiful blog is difficult if you don't know what you want it to look like.


Find your voice. Over time, good writers discover their voice and their writing tends to develop a certain flow that attracts their readers. Finding your voice will make your writing feel more vivid, real, and urgent. For more information, check out our blog post on Find Your Voice.

Us instead of you Use the first person plural whenever possible. Statements about us and ours are stronger than you and yours, especially when we talk about negative behaviors or tendencies. The first person comes out much less accusing. Think of it this way: we write peer-to-peer, we are not gods.

When should I post? Answer: it doesn't really matter. We don't adhere to any specific schedule, but we do post at least once a week because consistency is important.

Social networks. Yes, we recommend using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with your audience and other bloggers, but don't get sucked into them. Focus on writing first and then on social media.

Ignore negative reviews and stupidity. We call these people seagulls: they fly, they shit in their place and they fly.

Live your life. You start a blog about your life (or at least about certain aspects of your life), so you still have to live your life. There are things we always put in front of blogs: exercise, health, relationships, experiences, personal growth, contributions. In short, live a life worth writing about.

15 reasons why should start a blog

We were inspired to research and write this blog post after reading 15 reasons why I think you should blog a blog by Joshua Becker where he discusses 15 good reasons to start a blog. 

Why is the keyword here? In essence, Becker writes about the purpose of blogging, not just about starting a blog. That's what many of these other "blogs about blogs" seem to be losing: they are losing purpose: why start a blog.


Here is an overview of our top three reasons from Becker's list: 

You become a better writer. “Essentially, writing is communication. It is about putting thoughts on paper and forcing others to agree with them, ”Becker writes. Blogging will not force you to become a better writer, it will just happen the way you do. And getting a better writer has significant benefits for the rest of your life, whether you're creating a book, presentation, resume, or anniversary card for your partner. Writing blog posts is not only a great way to improve your blog writing, it is a great opportunity to improve everything you write, from emails and business text messages to the novel you have dreamed of writing.

You meet new people. It is true! The minimalist blog is responsible for many of the most important relationships I have developed over the last decade: long-term business and personal relationships that have emerged from this blog.

You want more confidence. "By blogging, you discover more confidence in your life," Becker writes. Writing helps us better understand the life we ​​live and the consequences of our actions.

3 reasons should not start a blog

So now you have 15 reasons to start a blog and we'll show you step by step how to start a blog based on our personal experience.


(Please note that these reasons are our opinions only, and we do not intend to offer them as a collection of empirical blog genres.)


Money. You do not have to start a blog to make money. If your main goal is to replace your full time income from blogging, then forget it. It does not work that way.

Do you think Jimi Hendrix took his first guitar to "supplement his income"? No, he did not. Rather, he did so out of love for her, for the joy and satisfaction she received, and the income came later, much later in fact.


Fame. Do not plan to be "Internet Famous" right away. Not all sites are growing as fast as ours, but that's okay. The truth is, we were lucky. We found a good domain name, we improvised a logo and website design that people liked, we wrote pretty well, and our content was associated with people in a unique way.

However, we have not made this site "famous". That would be ridiculous. We started this site to become bloggers and share a post. Our popularity surprised us and it was the result of a little luck and a lot of hard and passionate work.


Traffic. Not all traffic is good traffic, so feel free to get thousands of readers right away. Spend your time producing meaningful creations, and eventually the audience will show up as you help people solve problems. In other words, focus on adding value and not increasing the number of visitors.

The funny thing is, all of these things can happen. You can earn a full time income by creating a blog. We do, Corbett Barr does, and so do many others. And you can become a famous blogger on the Internet like Leo Babauta or Chris Brogan.


But if those are the only reasons you start blogging, you will feel miserable because it feels like work. And if you feel like it.

Public contribution. Because we refuse to saturate our popular blog or podcast with advertisements, we rely on public support to fund our podcast production. With over 4000 followers on Patreon and many others via PayPal, The Minimalists Podcast is fully funded with audience support, meaning we can pay for our ad-free podcast producer, filmmaker, and studio space on our platforms. .

Talk. As we built our audience, many organizations, universities, and conferences began contacting us to speak at their events. First, we started talking for free to build a name for ourselves. Then we start with a few hundred dollars each. Event. Now we can charge a lot more money because the demand for our calls is high.

We talked about a wide variety of topics, from simple lifestyles and "simple work" to health, relationships, writing, posting, social media, personal growth and contribution, and it all started because we started this blog. (Anyone who wants to hire us to speak can visit our talk page for more details.)


Ture. Over the past eight years, The Minimalists have embarked on eight speech tours, including the 'Less Is Now' theater tour in 2017, which averaged over 1,000 people a night with significantly larger audiences in major cities. . Our "Everything's Left" bookstore spanned 119 cities in eight countries in 2014 and attracted 75,000 visitors.

Writing courses. I get tons of questions about writing, so I've been able to transfer these skills to help hundreds of students improve their writing over the years. I teach a four-week online writing class designed to improve people's writing at all levels: beginner, intermediate, or professional.

Amazon Links. If minimalists recommend a product like this photo scanner and a reader buys that product, we will receive a small commission for this sale at no additional cost to our audience. However, we are careful what we recommend because as minimalists we want you to consume less and consume on purpose.

Affiliate sales. When we recommend services like Bluehost and Constant Contact, we receive a referral fee. Again, of course, that is not why we recommend these services. Almost all hosting companies have an affiliate program, so we think it is best to recommend the companies we use.

These different ways allow Ryan and I to earn a full-time income from blogging. But it's worth noting that this isn't the best place to monetize your blog.


While there is nothing wrong with making money, which you can do through affiliate links, advertisements, and your own products and services, the best reason to start blogging is because you have something to say.


If you make money on the go, that's fine. If you help people solve their problems, it is almost certain that in the end you can make money from your blog.


That being said, let's not bow to ourselves by pretending that making money is irrelevant, it is not. Making money from our blog is not the main driver of our creativity or the reason why we become bloggers. While people often view money as the ultimate resource, it is the least important of the five listed above.


Money is not necessarily an improvement in your life, but it reinforces your current behavior. If you have bad habits, more money will make your life significantly worse. And if you're already a generous person, more money can help you be more loving, caring, and considerate.


What does blog mean? What does blog mean?

Today, blogs come in many shapes and sizes. Many are public magazines that people use to express their feelings. Others, like this blog, are there to help people think critically and solve problems.

Features (add-ons). While Squarespace has a comprehensive set of features, no blogging platform can match the wide range of features that WordPress offers. WordPress has a library of more than 54,000 free plugins that can handle any task. While we recommend that you keep the number of plugins on your blog to a minimum, the level of customization offered by WordPress is second to none.

Apart from plugins, version control is an important feature built into WordPress, but not Squarespace. Version control keeps track of your changes and allows you to compare reviews and return to a version of your page or post at any time.


I use this feature all the time because I know that if I am not happy with something I have changed, I can quickly roll back to the previous version. This feature provides crash protection that allows bloggers to compose, compose, edit and publish their posts in WordPress, making it a complete blogging solution.


You own your content. When you own your content, you have full control over what you post on your blog and full access to take and use this content wherever you go. To make the latter possible, WordPress offers tools to export your data for use by any hosting provider you want to use.

Squarespace will never let you download a full copy of your files or database from your server, but WordPress allows you to create an exact replica of your blog at any time. This is most valuable for backing up or if you decide to restart a blog with a new hosting company. With WordPress, you have 100% ownership of your content, files, data and layout, and everything can be backed up.


SEO. By default, both WordPress and Squarespace are search engine friendly. But with just one plugin, WordPress increases your SEO (search engine optimization). One plugin we recommend to all bloggers is Yoast SEO. This free WordPress plugin allows for in-depth customization of your on-page SEO, but more impressively, it offers automated content analysis. This will help you improve and optimize your content for better readability and reach in search engines.

While SEO is not everything, we start all our blogs in the hopes that people will read what we have written. Following the right SEO practices can be a difference in reaching new people.


Increase. WordPress is extremely robust and customizable. This allows you to create a blog the way you want it. But what happens when your new blog grows? If you leave the default setting, it may be time to work with a designer to create a completely customized website that fits your brand and image.

Since WordPress gives you full ownership of the platform, it also gives the designer the freedom to build and create their blog layout without restrictions. Nothing is forbidden.


How do I become a blogger?

The answer lies in the question, the only way to become a blogger is to start a blog. This may seem overly simplistic, but it's because it's not that complicated. By following these steps you will become a blogger and start writing today!


Choose your blog name and receive your blog hosting.

Start your blog by adding WordPress.

Add two great blog plugins to find your readers and track statistics.

Write engaging content to create a blog that your readers will love.

There is an old truth, "Writers do not like writing; they like writing." I think the opposite is true for bloggers - because of the instant satisfaction with the WordPress "Post" button, I like bloggers to write because they constantly share this writing with the world.


The barrier to entry is gone, so start blogging if you want to become a blogger. It really is that simple.

While the rules have disappeared over the years, the easiest way to say it is that a blog is a form of web page, one that over time reflects the personal or professional thoughts and beliefs of a person, person or organization.


When your thoughts, beliefs and ideas change, so does your blog. It is nice to have a time capsule of our thoughts as they have evolved over the last ten years.


Are blogs dead?

No, blogs are not "dead". Basically blogs.

Who is the person you want to be? Your writing should help you become the person you want to be. Write as if you were writing to be proud of your future.

What is a blog used for? What makes a good blog?

A blog is used for two things: expressing yourself and communicating. A good blog is able to combine communicative writing and expressive writing to create blog posts that are informative and entertaining.


If you are considering how you want to use your blog to communicate and express yourself, ask these questions:


What message am I trying to convey?

Does writing convey the emotions that I want the reader to feel? What are these feelings?

How can I make the story more urgent?

Does this prayer have a purpose?

Can I cut this line and keep my message?

How can I make this more concise?

Do I need all of these modifications and qualifications? (Tip: no!)

If I killed the first two episodes, would this piece be better?

How could I restructure this sentence / paragraph to make it more of a climax?

How do you start a free blog?

The good news is that starting a blog with WordPress is free. All you have to pay for is the accommodation, as detailed in the step-by-step instructions above.


There are also other "free" amateur services like Tumblr or Blogger that allow you to start a blog on this company's platforms. Be careful because you may not be the owner of your content if you post it on someone else's site. That is one of the many reasons we use WordPress.


How Often Should You Blog?

When I talk to my writing students, I recommend writing every day and posting a blog post at least once a week. Seth Godin blogs every day.


Whatever he decides, we recommend that he be consistent. By setting a weekly schedule, he can create accountability partners (his readers) so that he feels compelled to write even if he doesn't want to write.


What should my first blog post be about?

Avoid greatness. Don't clear your throat. Your first blog post doesn't have to be a big mission. And your first blog post doesn't have to be a separate introduction to your blog.


Instead, find something that interests you today and write about it. Use the instructions in the "What should I blog about" section above.


For reference, you can read the first post on this blog, circa 2010: Be on the Mountain.


Does Bluehost charge monthly or all at once?

Bluehost bills annually, so when you use our link you will receive the reduced rate of $ 2.75 per. The month is billed for the first full year.


With that said, if for some reason you decide that it's not right for you, Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee.