Do you want to become a professional blogger? Not sure how to take your blog from the lowest to the next level in 2021?

At first glance, setting up and maintaining a blog seems easy. However, set up your account with a hosting platform such as WordPress, choose a general theme, prepare some posts and publish. Almost anyone who understands the basics of computers and the Internet can create a blog.

However, there is a difference between blogging and creating a successful blog. The latter attracts readers and keeps them going. The good news is that most people can easily learn the skills needed to start a successful loyalty building blog.

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So let's talk about the essential blogging skills that everyone needs to develop to make a better blog in 2021.

10 important blogging skills to become a professional blogger

Competences for writing content                                    

The ONLY way to make a better blog that makes money is to offer LOVE to your audience.

How can you add value? Only through your content. Without writing engaging, useful, and unique content, you can NEVER create a profitable blog. That's why it's so important to become a good writer. Write every day (online or offline). Read the best blogs and books to improve your blogging skills.

This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked by those looking to join the blogosphere. While you don't need to be a published author to write a blog post, you need to understand the basics of the presentation in terms of wording (not too technical), writing style (conversational and friendly), and length (score articles with more than 2000 words usually good on Google).

CSS and HTML skills

No, you don't have to be a full-fledged WordPress developer or programmer to create a successful blog from scratch.

But you should definitely learn about basic HTML coding like linking images, adding alt tags, including headings in h1 or h2 tags, etc. Although WordPress is a powerful platform that allows you to create content without any coding skills .

But it's always best to know these basics so that you don't panic about label issues.

While all blogging platforms come with built-in themes to choose from, you may want to put together a unique theme that fits your branding strategy. In this case, you should know at least some HTML as well as the basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Knowing the basics of each is the difference between joining the public and creating a website that allows you to showcase your business in a unique way. This knowledge can be obtained from books such as the Dummies series.

Network skills

Networking is one of the best blogging skills you can acquire.

Networking not only helps you connect with thousands of bloggers, it also opens the doors for you to drive more website traffic and more sales.

While blogging can be done on your own, you must interact with readers on a daily basis. Even if the interactions take place through the blog, you still need to be in line with the readers' preferences and interests when creating publications they deem relevant. For example, if your blog focuses on personal finance, you can offer posts describing the best credit card offers for different audiences.

Follow-up skills

You want to engage readers by regularly (at least 3 times a week) posting comments and questions. New content is what keeps the reader interested. When asking a question, be sure to follow up on readers' answers in a timely manner. The idea is to engage readers on a daily basis and you can only do this by being constantly and actively present.

Not only do you keep track of your blog comments, but you must participate in blogger outreach. It is the surefire way to improve your blogging skills to build strong connections with others in your field.

Photo editing skills

A picture says more than a thousand words. We all know that images go viral, especially on social media.

Using images in your blog posts is the surefire way to do that.

Again, the fastest way to learn more about how to use social media sites is to learn simply by creating profiles. You can also download how-to books, but be sure to practice what you read.

Marketing skills

One of the main reasons few bloggers are quickly successful online is because of their sales skills. Learn the art of selling.

If you don't know how to properly promote or market your blog content, product, or services, you won't be able to build a loyal following around your blog network.

Here are some simple but amazing tips to improve your marketing skills as a blogger.

• Connect with influences in your niche. Go with them. Promote your stuff. Think of different ways to get your content and products promoted. If recommended by an expert, you can skyrocket your blog traffic and sales right away.

• Don't be afraid if they reject you. Everything happens a lot during marketing. Don't back down if no one shows interest in buying your products or hiring you for your services. Analyze the reasons behind this and back off. In this way you will be a superior marketer in all areas.

The art of selling

The best way to become an expert blogger in any field is to learn the art of selling. You should not sound like a salesperson while throwing away your products (be it affiliate products or your own products or services).

Selling is definitely one of the most desirable blogging skills you can acquire as a blogger or marketer. Here are some great ways to become an online sales expert.

Be honest and think like an expert - you have to be honest. When promoting affiliate products, you can use affiliate information or display the logos or opinions of others to show that you are an expert. Know how to sell online. By closely monitoring how they close deals and sell their products, you can learn a lot.

Read more: The easiest way to learn how to sell online is to read more books related to marketing, psychology and business. We recommend consulting books like influence, give and take, one thing, etc

Understand the "emotional triggers" of your audience

Knowing who to sell to is one of the most important blogging skills to learn and master. Without knowing your target audience and what is asking them to buy something online, it becomes very difficult for you to earn money online. With that said, first define your target audience.

Here are some quick ways to understand and define your target audience.

Take a look at your competitors, as this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to define your target audience and discover their wants and needs.

• You can also conduct surveys from your site using simple questionnaires or seek help from social networking sites or email lists to find out about your target audience.

• Lastly, determine the demographics of your target audience, such as age, gender, education, household income, and language preference, and more.

As we mentioned earlier, understanding your audience is one of the most important blogging skills you need to master, and here's who to figure out what your site's audience is asking to buy from you.

This is what it looks like;

• Attention is getting a visitor to pay attention to your site, including a product, ad, or landing page.

• The interest is in communicating information in an interesting and memorable way.

Desire is generated by making the story highly relevant and irresistible to your site's audience.

Action is a call to action (CTA) regarding what you want someone to do, such as buying a product, subscribing to your email list, or even visiting your site.

10. Negotiation skills

If you only had to learn one blogging skill to earn more, it's this: Learn to negotiate with others.

What are the top three blogging skills I need to become an expert blogger?

→ Communication skills

→ Technical skills (such as coding or proper use of SEO tools, etc.)

→ Selling skills (you need to know how to sell without selling)

How do I improve my blogging skills?

Here are some quick blogging skills so you can take your writing to the next level.

→ Write more. It's that simple. If you write at least 500 to 1000 words per day, you will eventually become a better blog writer.

→ Read the best blogs in your industry and see how writers write as it will give you a lot of ideas.

What are the best blogging tips for 2021?

Here are some of the best blogging tips you should master in 2021 and beyond.

→ Learn to write like a pro

→ Learn how to do keyword research

→ Learn the correct page optimization

→ Learn to analyze competing sites

How do I start a blog from scratch?

Here's a simple guide on how to start a blog from scratch in just 10 minutes in 2021.

What is the best blogging platform for beginners?

While there are many blogging platforms available such as Blogger, Typepad, Joomla, we recommend using for beginners.

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Every professional blogger who makes a lot of money was once a beginner.

Any blogger you ever look up to has made a lot of mistakes and gained blogging skills to quickly increase their revenue, audience and traffic. The more you train, the more successful you will be in whatever you do. Exercise is key here. Everything only becomes a skill after vigorous practice.

And don't compare your start with someone else's peak. You will be exhausted. Focus on one skill at a time, work on it until you master it, then move on to the next. This is how you can become a successful person in any field.

So what are the other blogging skills that you think someone needs for blogging?